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4TH SUNDAY OF ADVENT, DECEMBER 18, 2011 - Lines of The Secret of Kells

The history of The Secret of Kells entry started in 2007…

At that time, the film had already been in production for 8 years, - which made it very appealing to me - and part of the animation was to be made in a Hungarian town, Kecskemét. I was close to work in this film, but to cut things short, I did not animate in this wonderful movie in the end (I was about to finish a Hungarian animated feature film at this time).

Of course it would have been nice to work in the film, but I did not start this story to moan :), but to tell you that this was when I got hold of the animation materials of The Secret of Kells (thanks to Lajos Csákovics)! Materials for the animation work which are fantastic and a delight to the eye! Those kinds, which an external viewer can never see even though he is a fan of animation, and he never knows what kind of model sheets, animation notes and approved pencil tests are used in the working process. Or, how many tests and sketches have been made before the final product is born. (Of course, some of these will appear in the connected “Art of..” books, or we can see some in the extras of the DVD, but most of them are not published.)
Therefore, back in 2007, when I didn’t work on Secret of Kells, I acquired a treasury CD. I opened this treasure disc from time to time and I thought how nice it would be if other could see these beauties, too.

I thank Tomm Moore’s, the director of the film, approval to publish some of these pictures here. I thank him for being nice to me, and his help to make clear the creators of the works and above all, that he sent me never-before-seen production pictures as well.

I’m also glad that it seemed a good idea to launch Livlily. I’m happy that we received a Deja View from Andreas this year, or that now only unique pencil tests appear at the Pencil Test Depot , nowhere else can be seen. These sites are real Goldmines!
To close it up, I take the liberty to ask every professional working in the field of animation, if they have a chance and possibility (and not violate copyrights, owners or distributors) please share some of their works from their collection. Or, if they don’t have time for that, but would like to see the treasures from the bottom of their drawer on Living Lines Library, please just write to me. :)

Thanks for your attention! Merry Christmas for everybody, and Happy rich-in-lines New Year!
- Peter

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______________________________________________________________________________________WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2011 - CHICO & RITA MODEL SHEETS


I’m always happy to see a European film among the Annie nominees!
Sylvain Chomet has been nominated with The Illusionist this year in several cathegories. I had the chance to see the film, however. I would not load the page with my personal film reviews, I would just like to add, that I still believe in magic. :)
I have managed to collect some drawings from the two Sylvain Chomet feature films, with Evgeni Tomov's wonderful backgrounds. What is more, I was really delighted when I found an The Illusionist pencil test reel from ultratalented Antoine Antin! Enjoy!

Good Luck for everyone on Annie!


Pencil Test Reel for Pluto's Judgement Day

Hey Hi All,

I loove this profession!
As so much people feel...
That's why Livlily can be such succesful! Your welcome is so fantastic! I dared to hope only in my dreams which beginning would have the site.
Let's move on (Because my translator will ask too much...:)

When I find such beauties like this pencil test reel can be seen above I am really amazed.
Among extras of Walt Disney Treasures' Pluto series, you can find this short film and such well-known names were working with that as animators like Fred Moore, Norman Ferguson and Hamilton Luske.
In addition, in this site Tarzan's model sheets of Glen Keane and other artist were systematized. Enjoy!

Reacting to the last post of my father, Pencil Test Depot: It can be that I was born as a big infant but I did not mean that I will grow up without father.
However, this reaction is sorrowful but simultaneously honorific and I try to grow up to this task.

Otherwise, you should visit Livlily, too, because such a special model sheet is built in its basic modul, which is original and incomparable - in Hungary, surey.
For example (and maybe we will know the name of artist of model sheet, too):

I would like to thank Maczó László for the participating in creating the blog as a programmer forming the excellent basic modul of the blog. And I'd like to thank the work of talented Varga Petra helping me in colours and mood.

And as my deceased colleague Frankenstein would say:
- "Lines, it's aliiive!!"



Greetings--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Köszöntő (in Hungarian)

First of all, I would like to tell you that (similarly to the recently opened Walk Cycle Depot) the birth of the Living Lines Library was also inspired by the great Pencil Test Depot – even though the title does not obviously refer to this. So Big thank to Jamaal Bradley that he created his site, which I will visit with the same enthusiasm in the future, as I did until now.

I hope this is not only with me, but the scratching sound of the graphite, or as the pages rustle during drawing has a prickle effect on me. Perhaps this is only just a perversion and I shouldn’t write about it, but this site was born partly out of this perversion. I’m fascinated by watching professional animators during work. Livlily is an animation website where I collected linetests, modelsheets, and documentaries connected to these. I did this simply out of enthusiasm and out of love for this profession, to make these materials easily accessible for the enquirers.
Livlily mostly lists Disney’s works. On the one hand, because the studio was dominant for long years in the production of animated cartoons, on the other hand, because we can consider Walt Disney as the founder of this profession. This, of course, does not exclude the works of other animation artists, from other parts of the World on this page. What is more, I would be the happiest person if I could found a linetest from the works of Miyazaki as soon as possible. Here I would like to grab the opportunity to encourage all professionals to share all their linetests and modelsheets with us - if they can – so that we could enjoy and learn from several different animation styles.
To reduce the number of derelict works, all amendments are welcome! If someone sends me a link where I can find works worth uploading, I can only thank his or her help by writing Thanks! in the entry. I will try and answer all remarks as soon as possible, but at the moment my English is far from perfect, so these words will also reach you via a translator. However, in reality, this is just the professional language, the animation, which is alive on this site, is easily understandable for all of us.

I will enrich the site with odds and ends continuously, so it is worth visiting from time to time. If I find a bigger amount, I will indicate it in the Fresh heading for you.

I wish you happy browsing and Happy Animated Year! Enjoy these beautiful, living lines!

- Péter

Today is Walt Disney’s birthday.
Well, not too many visitors so far. I hope this will be different in the future... :)

______________________________________________________________________________________MONDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2010

...The day of Livlily’s conception!

...I think it’s high time for me to start the uploading!

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