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September 20, 2021: Space Jam: A New Legacy Pencil Test by Matt Williames
______________________________________________________________________________________ July 22, 2021: Klaus Design Showcase
______________________________________________________________________________________ JANUARY 01, 2021: 10th Anniversary of Living Lines Library
______________________________________________________________________________________ SZEPT 02, 2020: Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1937), The Forest Chase Comparison
______________________________________________________________________________________ DECEMBER 24, 2019: Klaus (2019) Production Art
______________________________________________________________________________________ AUGUST 16, 2019: Prologue (Short 2015) - RIP, Master Williams (1933-2019)
______________________________________________________________________________________ MARCH 29, 2018: Imagining Zootopia (2016) Montage
______________________________________________________________________________________ JANUARY 21, 2018: The Breadwinner (2017) Concept & Production Art
______________________________________________________________________________________ JANUARY 04, 2018: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) Behind the Scenes
______________________________________________________________________________________ NOVEMBER 07, 2017: Song of the Sea (2014) Backgrounds
______________________________________________________________________________________AUG 28, 2016: Nelbert the Introvert Book Trailer Pencil Test by Matt Williames
SEPT 06, 2015: Pinocchio (1940) Backgrounds

______________________________________________________________________________________APRIL 19, 2015: John Lasseter's Nitemare

______________________________________________________________________________________APRIL 16, 2015: Pencil Test Trailer for Brad Bird’s unrealized project The Spirit


Bryon Caldwell said...

Great site Peter! Nice layout! Happy New Year!

csakovics said...

Nagyon szép lett, Pite! Sokaknak fog örömet szerezni! :-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice website! I've been looking for a page like that for long time. Congratulations from Granada (spain)

Unknown said...

Love it :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

It is a great learning tool.

Thanks again!

James M

Massimo Pegoraro said...

nice job man!!

seran said...

Thank you so much , it s great blog. greetings from Istanbul.

Gio M. said...

Wow looks like I know what I'm doing this weekend, going to grab some coffee and scroll this blog some more. Can't thank you enough for posting so much production work. A goldmine of inspiration for sure.

Egypt said...

thank you

Joyce Carmo said...

I wish I could say thanks and congratulate you in every single post, but I can see the blog is already too huge in content to do that, so I'll just post ir here. Thanks for sharing all this awesome stuff and on top of everything with a beautiful layout and really neat and organized. I'll make sure to spread the word of this blog! Cheers!

Nagy-Galambosi Péter said...

Enjoy, Joyce! :)

1 on 1 ANIMATION said...

Great site! said...

Very nice, thank you!

mua thẻ điện thoại online said...

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Amazing posts.

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