Wolfwalkers (2020) - Pencil Tests

Animation by Basil Malek
Animation Reel by Geoff King
Animation Reel by Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart
Animation Shot Breakdowns by Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart
2D FX Animation by Nicole Strock
Animation by Denis Figueiredo
Animation by Chloe Aubert
Animation by Mathilde Vachet
Animation Reel by Paolo Antonio Garcia
Animation by Uriel Mimran
Clean-Up by Lucie Julliat
Clean-up pencil tests with other film scenes by Magda Richiusa

Film Inspiration and The Craft of Animation


LaughterIsAPowerfulThing said...

Don’t forget this:

LaughterIsAPowerfulThing said...

Here you go:

LaughterIsAPowerfulThing said...

Here’s another one

Nagy-Galambosi Péter said...

Thanks LaughterIsAPowerfulThing! :)

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