Titan A.E. (2000) - Concept Art

& Mark Kilkelly
© 20th Century Fox



Environments & Props


Anonymous said...

Just a head up, Don Bluth Studios has some awesome concept art and sketches on they're Facebook page!

Peter Nagy-Galambosi said...

Thanks Meagan! :)

Chris Sobieniak said...

I would say it's an OK film, but one with problems. It passed though many hands before Bluth & Co. got a hold of it, and even then the story has a hard time getting my interest when I saw it on the big screen 12 years ago. I always felt there was holes in the story I could've filled very easily in a rewrite or expand upon other areas like the "New Bangkok" colony ship the guys were on. They were really trying to move it along I can tell.

Mark Kilkelly said...

Some more concept pieces of New Bangkok that I stumbled across.

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