Robots (2005) - Character Development

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Rodney Early Concept Drawing by Peter de Sève
Rodney Concepts by Peter de Sève
Rodney by Peter de Sève
Rodney by Peter de Sève
Rodney Breakout Drawings by Greg Couch
Rodney Age Line-Up
Piper by Bill Joyce & Michael Knapp

Lug Breakout by Greg Couch

Copperbottom Family by Greg Couch

Band by Bill Joyce, Greg Couch & Thomas Cardone
Wonderboot by Bill Joyce & Dice Tsutsumi
Suitcase Bot by Michael Knapp / Watercooler by Greg Couch / Doggy Concept by Bill Joyce

Baby Rodney by Greg Couch


Nicholas Hong said...

I always get great info and inspiration from here. Thank you for sharing! :)

Nagy-Galambosi Péter said...

Thank You! Enjoy Nicholas!

Anonymous said...

awsome skeches

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