Batman (TV Series 1992–1995) - Model Sheets: Batman & Co.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice collection. It should be noted though that the images with the Clampett stamp are not from Batman: The Animated Series but a totally seperate show called "The Batman" a series from 2004-2008 headed by Jeff Matsuda (his designs too), not Bruce Timm. By this time Timm and company were on Justice League. (Whoa I just geeked out there). Still nice. Bruce Timm's lines are excellent.

sunfox33mb said...

Yes, if you're going to post Batman TAS designs, please dont mix in the god-awful designs from "The Batman"... it sticks out like a sore thumb...

Nagy-Galambosi Péter said...

:) Thanks, Marcus! I fixed it.

حصة المري said...

thank you so much for those pictures, it's so so wonderful, it will help me in my drawing
I love this animated series so much =)

Thanks again,

Ash Collins said...

shut up, some of the designs in the Batman are awesome. at least all the characters dont have 6 foot wide shoulders

Unknown said...

this is pretty much all there is on the net its annoying when you're looking for bruce timm style facial expression references

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