Beetlejuice (TV Series 1989–1991) - Model Sheets, Drawings & Production Cels

© Warner Bros. Television

Model Sheets & Drawings

by Brad Goodchild

Production Cels

Photobucket & The Deep Network Ocean


Zloy Smiertniy said...

If there is paradise this is it. I am officially in love with these sketches

Kittiana said...

thanks so much for sharing!! this made my day ^_^

noky said...

Great blog. =)

I was wondering, is the Beetlejuice modelsheet a real one 'cause I found this ? =/

Peter Nagy-Galambosi said...

Thanks, Noky!

noky said...

You're welcome. =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing these treasures ^_^

Mike Hitchcox said...

Glad there is still interest!!! I was lucky enough to work on the production....lots of fun!!

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