The Secret of Kells (2009) - Pencil Tests

© Les Armateurs © Vivi Film © Cartoon Saloon © France 2 Cinéma

Animation by
David Bols, Alfredo Cassano, Fabian Erlinghauser, Alan Holly, Tom Caulfield & Lionel Marchand

Animation by Caroline Piochon & Tom Caulfield

Animation by Alessandra Sorrentino, Alfredo Cassano & Tomm Moore
Storyboards by Tomm Moore

Animation by Lionel Marchand, Fabian Erlinghauser & Andrejz Radka

Animation by Fabian Erlinghauser & Barry Reynolds

Animation by Dani Alcaraz (with other scenes)

Animation by János Szabó (with other scenes)

Animation by Alessandra Sorrentino

Animation by Alfredo Cassano

Inbetweens by Humphrey Erm

(The wave animation was produced in Toon Boom and Anime Studio.)

Animation by Andrzej Radka (with other scenes)


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