The Princess and the Frog (2009) - Pencil Tests

An early Prince Naveen test by Randy Haycock
Mama Odie tests by Andreas Deja

Source: Deja View

Source: Deja View
Animation by Roberto Casale (demo reel with other movie scenes)
Dr. Facilier animation by Bruce W. Smith
Animations by Sarah Airriess
Animation by Matt Williames

Animation by Matt Williames & Bob Davies

Animation by Joe Oh & Matt Williames

Animation by Matt Williames & Bruce W. Smith

Animation by Minkyu Lee & Matt Williames

Animation by Randy Haycock, Mike Show & Matt Williames

Animation by Matt Williames, Andreas Wessel-Therhorn, Bert Klein & Dale Baer

Animation by Matt Williames, Jamie Lopez & Rick Hoppe

Animation by Sandro Cleuzo, Duncan Marjoribanks & Matt Williames

Animation by Eric Goldberg, Nik Ranieri, Russ Edmonds, Danny Galiote, Bert Kline and Duncan Majoribanks

Animation by Sandro Cleuzo

Animation by Andreas Wessel-Therhorn (from 04:45)

Animation by Eris Walls (from 01:02)
Animation by Hyun-min Lee (demo reel with other scenes)

More animations by other talented artists.


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