Prince of Egypt (1998) - Pencil Tests

Pre-production pencil tests by William Salazar
"Here are 3 pre-production pencil tests I animated back in 1995-1996. The Character Designs were from Carter Goodrich & Pete de Seve. We had about 6 months to explore the animation style and character designs for the movie."

Production pencil tests by James Baxter
"Here's a first rough of Moses returning to tell his wife that he just spoke to God and she needs to have a little sit down. Previous attempts had been made to write dialogue for this scene but it never really worked so they asked me to just pantomime it. It's the only scene I've ever been given with no time limit and the minimal direction of, "You know the situation, just animate something."

Animations by Kristof Serrand

Animation by Serguei Kouchnerov
Animation by Andrea Simonti (from 00:52 with other scenes)

Animations by Erik Schmidt (with other scenes)

Animation by William Salazar (from 02:39 with other scenes)

An animation reel with previous pencil tests supplemented by more linetests.

A short making of video about different animation techniques of the film.


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