The Illusionist / L' illusionniste (2010) - Pencil Tests

© Django Films © Pathé

Early pencil test by Laurent Kircher

Animations by Thierry Torres

Animation by Victor Ens

Animation: Antoine Antin

Animation: Han Liane-Cho

Animation: Victor Ens, Nicolas Debray & Manolo Garcia Galiana; Clean-Up: Christian Retzlaff

Animation & Clean-Up: Christian Retzlaff

Animations: Tom Caulfield

Animation: Marcel Tigchelaar

Animation by Paul Williams

Animation by Valentin Amador

Animations by Aya Suzuki

Animation by Xavier Ramonède (from 01:16)

Animation & VFX Pencil Tests by Jim Round (with other scenes)

VFX Pencil Tests by Olivier Malric


Dapoon said...

Aaah! These tests make me feel so inferior! -_-

christian retzlaff said...

Here are some great, breath taking linetest from the Ilusionist by Thierry Torres:

Nagy-Galambosi Péter said...

Your works are great too, Chris!

Unknown said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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