The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (1996) - Pencil Tests

Animations by Ralph Palmer & Darlie Brewster

Animations by James Baxter
"Here's some Quasimodo that I animated. The cut is slightly different from what ended up in the final film, with less time spent on the cut-away to the gargoyles. Plus the original intent was to just have them look sad, and not goof around." So here's a pencil test of the sanctuary shot from Hunchback of Notre Dame. The background of the cathedral was animated first by Mike Merell in 3D. Then that wireframe footage was printed out onto paper frame by frame. I then animated the characters over the top on paper. This is before the final sound mix obviously, and if you listen you can clearly hear Gary Trousdale, one of the film's directors, yelling "Ahh, you can't get her now Frollo!"

A short animation pencil test by Roberto Casale 
(from 08:26)

Animation by Eric Walls 
(from 02:17)


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