Wreck-It Ralph (2012) - Concept Art


Timothée SADOWSKI said...

Great to see all this work :) Thank's again for sharing all this !

Anonymous said...

There's is two mistakes the the character designs section.

1. Glen Keane did not work on wreck-it ralph at all. It was all Jin Kim. Jin Kim style is strongly similar to Glen Keane but that's the way it is.
2. Tom Brancroft did not work on this film either. That design you posted is actually a fan art he did.

Peter Nagy-Galambosi said...

Thanks for your remark Mr Anonymous.
Glen's and Jim's styles are very similar, it's always a challenge to distinguish their work. :) According to The Art of Wreck-It Ralph, Glen Keane created some concepts for Calhoun's character as well. > here's the unclear evidence
You're right about Tom's drawings though and I immediately removed his work from the collection. > this one

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