Adam and Dog (2011) - Final Backgrounds

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Anonymous said...

its so amazing!

Jean Liang said...

Omg sooo good!!!

Jim Higgins said...

Loved the film. Thanks for the chance to see the lovely backgrounds again.

One question -- I'm looking for a place where I can find the complete credits. I thought I saw someone I know in the background or color credits when I saw the short. Are they online somewhere?

Peter Nagy-Galambosi said...

Jim: I don't know. I also read just a not very detailed film cast...

GreggW said...

These backgrounds are incredible!

Were they digitally painted in Photoshop or done another way?

Huge fan of the film!

Nikhita P. said...

Absolutely stunning backgrounds. And such an amazing film. These remind me of Hans Bacher's work in Mulan and some of them are like Arietty from Ghibli.

Nibe said...

Thank you to exist.
I've got good references now.

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