The Lion King (1994) - Pencil Tests

Animation: James Baxter

Animation: Alex Kupershmidt

Animation: Andreas Deja

Source: Deja View

Source: Deja View

Tony Fucile, Mark Henn, Ruben Aquino, Andreas Deja, James Baxter, Mike Surrey,
Tony Bancroft & Ellen Woodbury
Sc01, Sc02, Sc03, Sc04, Sc05, Sc06, Sc07, Sc08, Sc09, Sc10, Sc11, Sc12, Sc13


Dapoon said...

Absolutely love it! Very inspiring! I'd love to see the pencil test sequence of the climax scene where Scar encircles adult Simba asking him about Mufasa's death.

It's got Scar walking around in a circle speaking a line, while the camera revolves around Simba in the opposite direction. Some task!

I think James Baxter was the animator (or one of the animators). That scene always blows me away.

Unknown said...

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