The Iron Giant (1999) - Pencil Tests

Animations by Holger Leihe


TheZealot said...

The Iron Giant stands as a piece of genius on many levels:
marketing (sold as a boy's story, told with layers of the Cold war),
of auteur directorship (Bird was given freedom by an insightful producer in a virtually ignored animation department),
genre (it handled subject matter previously perceived as inappropriate for animation),
and production practices (influenced 3D animation, animatics, and storyboarding).
It's the gateway to 21st century animation.

Peter Nagy-Galambosi said...

Thanks for your comment, Zealot!

Julian Brogden said...

It's a shame because as good as the animation was on this film i'm pretty sure there wasn't a single animator named in the credits. No clue what animators worked on this film and I would love to know..

Lasse said...

Hey Julian!
I can name four for you!
Mike Nguyen: Supervising animator
Tony Fucile: Character designer / head of animation / visual development artist
Sydney Padowa: Animator
Alexander Williams: Animator

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