The Emperor's New Groove (2000) - Model Sheets & Production Drawings

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Early Pacha sketches

Tentative characters by Sandro Cleuzo

Early Yzma drawings


Silvia said...

why didnt that girl get included in the story? who was she supposed to be? Her design is great!

Curi said...

She was originally Kuzco's love interest. She wasn't included because the very formulaic story wasn't that popular with test audiences, so a lot of the project was reworked and she was taken out, along with a lot of songs by Sting. (This is what I heard, anyway.)

Fullmetal Animator said...

The original title of the film was Kingdom in the Sun and was to be directed by Roger Allers along with Mark Dindle. Allers wanted the film to be on a weeping scale like the Lion King but Dindle aimed for more snappy comedy so there were creative differences along with the shopworn story that caused the project to be reworked once Allers left Disney since he wasn't confident that the film could be completed in time. Dindle made the film into what it is today, excluding many of the original characters intended to be featured including the girl.

Nagy Péter said...

Thanks Mark!

Anonymous said...

I heard that girl's name was Nina, but now I just learned that she was called Mata!

if anybody has her real name, please reply, thanks!

bellamovie2 said...

Her in was Mata
She was originally Manco's (Kuzco's) love interest for "Kingdom of the Sun" and the final version of "The Emperor's New Groove"
In "Kingdom of the Sun", Emperor Manco (that was his name before they renamed him Kuzco) was betrothed to Nina
When Manco and Pacha switched places (similar Prince and the Pauper story), Pacha fell in love with Nina who didn't know that he's not the real emperor
Nina started to fall in love with "the emperor", she noticed that he had changed from a self-centered and cruel man to caring and understanding man
When the evil Yzma turned Manco into a llama, he met a female llama-herder, Mata and fell in love with her while learning humility
Together, Mata and Manco teamed up to stop Yzma's evil plan (to summon a dark spirit called Supai to block out the sun and retain her youth because the sun was giving her wrinkles)
For the final version of "The Emperor's New Groove", Mata a llama-herder was going to be Kuzco's love interest in the story before the creators decided to drop her and make the film a buddy picture instead
Mata's design looks great and she is very beautiful
It's very disappointing that the creators had to drop Mata but I I understand why they made that decision

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