The Neverhood: Willie's Story


I’m writing this post now, that my July’s work also had lighting on it, but this was not the main aspect. I remodeled both of my characters, in which I don’t have much experience. This took up my first week, so that I could start the animation only afterwards.

The 11 Second Club is 4 years old, and some things have changed here, as I can see it.
I was shocked when I looked at the list of the July competition. I feel my animation was much stronger than some of the others, and I couldn’t even manage to get into the top 11! I know I shouldn’t take these things so seriously, but I ended up with the same score by which I started out in 2009. No matter how I look at it, this is a bit sticky. And the circle has closed.

Since losers are prone to cry, and I’m doing the same thing now. My strong will ended up in moan and I’m leaving this site with big disappointment and anger.

Good luck to everyone!


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